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Всем добрый вечер! Подскажите, комплектацию авто WDB9702151L490334
Извиняюсь, если не в профильную тему написал.


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Всем добрый вечер! Подскажите, комплектацию авто WDB9702151L490334
Извиняюсь, если не в профильную тему написал.
Да, не совсем туда :D

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AF1 Axle ratio i = 3.636 (HL2/4)
AJ7 Front axle 3.5 t
AL6 Rear axle H2, 6.2/7.2 t, crown wheel 325
B65 Compressed air dryer, heated
BB1 Telligent braking system with ABS
BB5 Disc brakes on front and rear axle
BC3 Pressure control system, 10 bar
C42 Stabiliser, rear axle, under frame
C57 Protective device, side
C95 Deletion, rear underride guard (EC)
CL6 Steering LS 4
CR4 Mounting parts on frame/hole pattern
CS4 Frame overhang, extended, 200 mm
D25 Roof hatch/vent, roof
E21 Battery/batteries, higher capacity
E33 Switch, taillift
E39 Automatic cutouts
E82 Battery cover
EM8 PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992
ES5 Additional socket, 12 V/15 A, firewall
EU2 CD-Radio Bluetooth,w/o mobile phone charg. interf.
EV0 Communications interface (KOM)
EX3 Provision for fitting FleetBoard
F07 S cab
F33 Air deflectors, adjustable
F52 Sun visor, exterior, transparent
FC7 Windows, tinted, without sun filter
FE5 Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door
FN1 Distribution cockpit
FQ6 Stowage facility above windscreen, 1 compartment
FS9 Mirror on driver's side, electrically adjustable
FT8 Cab entrance, single-step
FX7 Front mirror, aerodynamic
FZ1 Central locking system
FZ7 Immobiliser, with transponder
FZ9 Additional keys or remote-control transmitter
GC4 Transmission G 56-6/6.29-0.78
GS1 Gearshift, manual
H03 Air conditioning system
HF2 Pollen filter
I18 Tyre size 215/75 R 17.5, front/leading axle
IA0 Wheel arrangement 4x2
IB4 Model series LKN
IC1 Platform chassis
ID2 Air suspension, rear axle
IL1 Domestic (Germany)
IL8 Left-hand-drive version
IQ9 Wheelbase 4220 mm
IU2 7.5-tonner
IX4 In-line engine, 4-cylinder
IY2 Hydraulic fluid, Pentosin CHF 11 S
JD3 Tachograph, dig. EC, rpm+additional recorder, ADR
JK3 Inst. cluster, graphics-capable display, eco-meter
JZ1 Tachograph manufacturer VDO
K40 Tank-cap lock
K83 Main tank, 125 l, plastic
KD6 Emissions monitoring for nitrogen oxide (NOx)
KE9 On-Board Diagnosis 2, with NOx check
KG0 Stainless-steel silencer with SCR cat. converter
KJ1 Main silencer, right, side, on frame
KP1 AdBlue tank, 25 l
KP9 AdBlue tank, plastic
L32 Tail light, for mounted tail lift
L72 Electrics, for non-MB body
L76 Tail light wiring harness, extended
M45 Alternator 28 V/100 A
MD4 Speed limiter, 90 km/h, EC
MD9 Cruise control
MJ6 Engine, start/stop system
MN6 Engine,4-cyl. in-line,LA,130kW (177hp),2200rpm
MS5 BlueTec 5 (Euro V)
QN2 Front spring, 3.2 t, parabolic
R04 Wheel nut cap
R91 Omission of spare wheel/spare rim
R92 Deletion, spare wheel carrier
RA6 Tapered rims, 6.00x17.5, for 215/75 R 17.5
RM8 Tyre make, specially requested, Michelin
S07 Co-driver's seat, static, Isringhausen
S28 Centre seat, with seat belt
SH1 Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer
TE1 Weight variant 7.49 t (3.2/4.6)
X31 Registration certificate, Part II, prepared
X57 Noise reduction measures, EC 96/20
XS2 Sign "L", night driving ban, Austria
XT5 Certification, noise/exhaust emissions to CEMT
XV0 Global Cockpit
XV1 Atego 2
Y10 First aid kit
Y34 Tyre inflating hose, 10 m
Y44 Hazard warning triangle
Y45 Warning lamp
YM1 FleetBoard vehicle computer
Z99 Text order
ZA6 FleetBoard components
ZB0 Main contractor, Wörth Plant
ZS9 Exemption, compulsory for axle transfer
ZX1 Control unit, Common Powertrain Control (CPC)
ZX2 Braking system, EPB II
ZX3 Wiring harness, digit. tachogr. for telematics CAN
ZZ3 Vehicle, for right-side traffic


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